Manicure - $45

A relaxing treatment to trim, clean and neaten nails and cuticles on the fingers. Massage and moisturise the hands to soften skin and increase circulation


Pedicures - $55

A relaxing treatment to improve the appearance of the feet. Trim, clean and neaten the nail and cuticle area on the toes. Scrub, file, massage and moisturise the foot area to soften the skin and increase circulation. 

Spray tanning

1/2 Body - $25

Full body - $35


Eyelash Tint - $15

Using permanent tint, the eyelashes are darkened to improve the appearance of the eye

Eyebrow Tint - $25

Using permanent tint, the eyebrows are darkened to create a more defined brow and cover greys

Eye Masks - $25

Reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles from around the eye area